Traditional Mud Bath

Regardless of the Calistoga spa destination you select, mud bath treatments usually follow a general process. The first ten to twelve minutes are spent immersed in a pool of warm mud, kept at or above a comfortable 100 degrees Farenheit. This experience makes for a completely unique spa treatment, in that you actually achieve a feeling of near-weightlessness as you relax. The mixture is specifically engineered to be comfortable, warm, and buoyant; there is no pressure anywhere on the body as you float just beneath the surface, coated from neck to toe in downy softness and just the right amount of soothing, pleasant heat.

When the immersion is over, an attendant will help you exit the pool. This attendant will have refreshing, ice-cold water and washcloths on hand, for cleansing purposes. After you wash off the mud, you will get to enjoy a soak in a mineral whirlpool bath, followed by a steam room treatment. To conclude your spa experience, a blanket wrap will then be administered to slowly aid the cooling of the body. The entire process normally takes around one-and-a-half hours, though it may be Slonger if you choose to receive a massage as well.

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