Calistoga Thai Massage

Thai massage is said to have been founded 2,500 years ago by Shivago Komarpaj, the Buddha’s personal physician. It is centered around the ideology that air circulates through the body using pathways called ‘sen’, and that applying pressure to certain areas of the body can enable one to manipulate major ‘sen’ lines. Most beliefs concerning Thai massage indicate that these ‘sen’ conduits merge at the navel and branch outward to end at the orifices. These conduits and lines are usually stimulated through yoga-like stretches, controlled breathing, and a pumping motion that is meant to let air flow throughout the body more freely.

Given the originating ideologies and vast influences behind Thai massage, specific methods of administering the treatment may differ widely. Even in its’ modern form, it synthesizes a plethora of traditional medical knowledge from the Ancient East; incorporating influences from places such as India, China, and Southeast Asia.