Calistoga Basalt Hot Stone Therapy

The art of hot stone massage therapy, despite being a centuries-old practice, has mostly picked up popularity in the last decade. Especially in recent years, this particular method of massage has quickly become one of the hottest treatments in spas and therapeutic centers worldwide.

Hot stone massage is a process in which smooth basalt river-stones, whose iron-rich composition help retain heat for long periods of time, are placed on key points of the body to soothe tension and relax the muscles. Afterwards, a massage therapist may take additional time to apply pressure to the calmed muscles, mainly to help ease additional tension or problem areas. This process, which dates back to ancient times, has been known to improve circulation and calm the nervous system. It is best suited for clients who are prone to chills, seeking alleviation from muscle pain, or simply prefer a more delicate form of massage therapy.