Calistoga Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment, utilizing immersion in hot or cold water to soothe pains and treat diseases. The combined elements of temperature, massage (via water jets), and buoyancy have been shown to alleviate stress, soothe pain, increase blood flow, and relax muscles, amongst other things. The process of administering hydrotherapy may incorporate gentle aquatic exercises, movements, and massage to augment the healing benefits.

Hydrotherapy can be administered in many aquatic settings; usually hot tubs, home spas, mineral pools, hot springs, or temperature-controlled pools within a spa facility. However, let it be known that spa facilities or hospitals are not the only places you can receive hydrotherapy. It can also be done at home, in your own hot tub, or even in natural settings where hot springs or mineral waters are prevalent.