Calistoga Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment, utilizing immersion in hot or cold water to soothe pains and treat diseases. The combined elements of temperature, massage (via water jets), and buoyancy have been shown to alleviate stress, soothe pain, increase blood flow, and relax muscles, amongst other things. The process of administering hydrotherapy may incorporate gentle aquatic exercises, movements, and massage to augment the healing benefits.

Hydrotherapy can be administered in many aquatic settings; usually hot tubs, home spas, mineral pools, hot springs, or temperature-controlled pools within a spa facility. However, let it be known that spa facilities or hospitals are not the only places you can receive hydrotherapy. It can also be done at home, in your own hot tub, or even in natural settings where hot springs or mineral waters are prevalent.

Calistoga Old Faithful Geyser

A visit to the California’s Old Faithful Geyser is the perfect complement to your A visit to the California’s Old Faithful Geyser is the perfect complement to your Napa Valley getaway. This landmark is a unique wonder, as geysers can only exist where conditions are just right; there must be a natural subterranean supply of water, a heat source, and an underground network of fissures and fractures that guide the water straight to the earth’s surface.

In addition, the composition of the rocks themselves must be durable enough to withstand the long-term force of water repeatedly blasting its’ way to the surface. As a result, you would be hard-put to observe this natural phenomenon anywhere else. Old Faithful is one of only three geysers in the world that erupt on a regular basis (hence the name ‘old faithful’). Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to witness this breathtaking force of nature!

Calistoga Mineral Baths

Hot springs have afforded countless health benefits for centuries, and have been used to cure maladies ranging from arthritis to indigestion. Some mineral-bath locales are even specially oriented toward the treatment of a particular condition or bodily system.
For instance, mineral baths rich in sulfur have been credited with relieving nasal congestion and other respiratory symptoms, and mineral baths saturated in sodium bicarbonate and calcium are perfect for improving the condition of those suffering from hypertension, heart disease, or other circulation-related issues. In addition, studies have shown that taking a soak in hot mineral spring waters actually decreases the body’s tax on the endocrine system; this is accomplished by literally ‘melting away the stress’ and alleviating the adrenal glands’ need to pump out ‘stress relieving’ hormones.

Calistoga Sauna

Though most civilizations around the world have always possessed some type of sweat bath, the Finns are particularly famous for it. Even when their peoples lived a nomadic existence, they most likely carried around a portable sweat lodge like the ones used by American Indians. This was actually a common practice for many wandering societies in ancient times, as saunas provided a very simple, efficient, and relaxing way to satisfy the innate human need to feel clean and rejuvenated.

Calistoga Hot Springs

The many therapeutic and medicinal benefits of hot springs can actually be traced back to simple physics. Heated water is capable of dissolving a larger volume of solids, giving hot springs a natural ability to retain as many rejuvenating minerals as possible. They are capable of containing everything from calcium to lithium to radium.

Because of the sheer diversity and amount of minerals distilled in hot springs, they have been notorious for possessing healing properties and medicinal value. Indeed, many hot springs continue to hold their status as popular tourist destinations and ideal sites for establishing rehabilitation or spa facilities, especially those geared toward treating individuals with disabilities.